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Alternative Rock Band
Vancouver, BC, Canada

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Live Demos
I Am Creature - Man, An Island (Live Session)
I Am Creature - Awake (Live Session)
I Am Creature - Delirium (Live Session)
I Am Creature - Mirrors (Live Session)
Live Videos
Lana Lou's Live Show
I Am Creature - Delirium (LanaLou's Live) [Mid Song]
I Am Creature - The Aristocrat (LanaLou's Live)
I Am Creature - Somewhere Else (LanaLou's Live)
I Am Creature - Man, An Island (LanaLou's Live)
I Am Creature - Awake (LanaLou's Live)
I Am Creature - Mirrors (LanaLou's Live)


A bombastic, high intensity, and emotive alternative rock band based in Vancouver BC, Canada. A three piece band comprised of Piano, Bass, and Drums. The three brothers, Mackenzie (Piano/Lead Vocals), Jared (Bass), and Logan Wegenast (Drums), all learned how to play music with each other while they grew up, and only recently have come together as I Am Creature.

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302-382 Powell St


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